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Appendix 7. L. Bezusko, S. Mosyakin, A. Bezusko Palynological Characteristics of Early Medieval Deposits From the Territory of Podil in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Parnikoza I.Yu.

Article of L. Bezusko, SL Mosyakin , AG Bezusko is currently the only material on polinoflora Kyiv Podil in the early Middle Ages. This research accomplished to some extent allow vegetation to imagine the appearance of the flood district and orient crops are grown on the floodplain of the Dnipro Kiev.

I. Parnikoza

Original Abstract

New palynological characteristics of Early Medieval deposits from the territory of the city of Kiev (Podil district) are present in the article. The composition of the fossil palynolofl ora is determined. It contains 99 taxa identifi ed with precision to different ranks (2 orders, 33 families, 31 genera, and 33 species). The results of a comparative analysis of palynological and paleoethnobotanical materials for Early Medieval deposits of ancient Kiev (10–12th centuries A. D.) are provided. New palynological data suggest that three new species of the family Chenopodiaceae (Atriplex patula, Chenopodium polyspermum, C. vulvaria) should be added to the previous species list of weeds from the territory of Early Medieval Kiev. New paleopalynological materials confi rmed our conclusion about the participation of walnut (Juglans regia) and linden (Tilia cordata) in the dendrofl ora of Early Medieval Kiev.