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Appendix 8. Paleobotanical materials from archaeological excavations on the 35, Spa s’ka str. in Kyiv

Kozlovska N.. Pashkevych G., Khamaiko N.

Article of Kozlovska N.. Pashkevych G., Khamaiko N. a thorough study on paleoflora of Kyiv Podil in the early medieval period. Research performed by the authors, to some extent allow to imagine a kind of vegetation of floodplain area of the city, as well as to orient crops grown on the floodplain of the Dnieper Kyiv.

I. Parnikoza

Authors abstract

This paper is a publication of the results of paleobotanical materials obtained from archaeological excavations on the 35, Spas’ka str. in Kiev. Excavations have revealed horizonts during the period of late 10th – middle 11th centuries, belonging to ordinary mesuiges of early Kyiv Podil. Despite the relative poverty of find saturation layers with artifact of ferrous and non–ferrous metals, glass, stone, they were highly saturated with organic materials (wood, leather) due to good preservative properties peaty horizont of middle 11th century. Among the identified samples paleobotanic bulk materials belong millet. Also available is cereal grains, seeds of vegetables, fruit, nuts and weeds, well illustrates not only the way of life and diet of ancient urban population, but also provides material for the reconstruction of the environment. It was also found a large number of strands of moss which was used in construction.