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2.1. Existence and substance

V. I. Melnikov

In all famous interpretations the notion of existence supposes notion presence, being, and existence of something real, objective and irrespective to something else. It seems to be absolutely philosophic notion, but in the intuitive (we can even say instinctive) obvious understanding this notion is used in all sciences without any special definitions and without any substantiations of it’s sense, features or measures of usage in a certain science. This very term is often used in almost all common descriptions. In any case, as usual, it doesn’t influence the effectiveness of problems solving.

The main reason of such an effect is the double sense of this notion: informational sense (without any real action) and real active sense, which can cause some changes. These two “sides” can be used conjointly or separately in accordance with the certain problem. The second meaning isn’t used in a solving of quantitative problems. According to TCS the real action is always relatively. The object couldn’t act in concentrated-on-itself state, because the difference of the levels in such situation doesn’t exist. The action is possible only with accordance to the difference of levels and resistance of dividing zone, so the any real action is concrete, have a single meaning value, defined strictly in measures of certain problem. In such sense the notion of existence is always a subjective thing.

The first, informational interpretation is always “objective”, because almost in all cases it is neglected by the informational action. In this case the notion of existence is determined by certain common etalons of time and size. As the information is always a certain sign system, which is not identified with the original but corresponding to it, so the informational existence is always an “approximate thing”, thing which reflects the original and can forecast its behavior (the real action) in these or that cases or problems. Therefore the solipsism doesn’t deny, but “almost deny” the existence of other people.

While solving practical problems we are first of all interested in real action, which is connected with certain CS and that’s why is relative. Thus, the real existence is subjective, but at the same time it is concrete and exact; and informational existence is objective, but at the same time it is approximate. In such understanding the notion of substance as the type of objective reality doesn’t mean something concrete, real or exact action by itself, but together with experimental mechanisms and transferring dependences this action to the real one, this notion becomes real. That’s why the material objects with the certain precision can be interpreted as the sources of real action. But the system of interpreting isn’t used by itself, it is indisputably included. That’s why the illusion of existence of objective, acting material object is created, which means that division into real subjective action in measure of one CS and informational action true for all CS (the objective one) remains correct.

That’s why the notion “substance” has the double sense, objective and subjective, informational and real one.