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Description of fishes of Dnieper flood plain in Kyiv

Parnikoza I.Yu.

The "Fish" section was co-authored with Yu. Kutsokon

In this chapter we will consider the Dnieper fish species that live within Kyiv.

Of great importance for the preservation of the Dnieper ichthyofauna are spawning grounds and fish feeding grounds located in the floodplain of the islands of Valkovsky and the Great North, on the floodplain north of Camel Bay, the left bank floodplain south of the Osokorka residential area, and reservoirs of the southern part; Zhukov, Cossack and other islands. This importance of these spawning grounds is enhanced by the continuous transformation of the Dnieper floodplain due to the construction of reservoirs, which led to the destruction of most potential spawning grounds and fish feeding grounds.