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Weapons of the tribes of the Northern Pontic Zone in the 16th – 10 th centuries B.C.

Viktor I. Klochko

Monograph. Poznan 1993 (BP S, vol. 1) ISBN 83-86094-00-1. 77 pages of text, 41 illustrations in the table, 4 maps.

The monograph is devoted to a description of weapons of Late Bronze Age archaeological cultures in Ukraine – Komarov, Noah, Gawa-Goligrady, Lusatian, Sosnitsky, Belogrudovsky, carcass, Bondarihinsky, Sabatinovsky, Belozersky. Separately, it discusses issues of chronology, origin and cultural background of the main types of weapons. In conclusion, set forth a hypothesis on the participation of the peoples of the Northern Black Sea coast in the invasion of "Sea Peoples" in the Eastern Mediterranean in 1250 – 1150 years BC.