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Weapons of the tribes of the Northern Pontic Zone in the 16th 10 th centuries B.C.

Viktor I. Klochko

Monograph. Poznan 1993 (BP S, vol. 1) ISBN 83-86094-00-1. 77 pages of text, 41 illustrations in the table, 4 maps.

The monograph is devoted to a description of weapons of Late Bronze Age archaeological cultures in Ukraine Komarov, Noah, Gawa-Goligrady, Lusatian, Sosnitsky, Belogrudovsky, carcass, Bondarihinsky, Sabatinovsky, Belozersky. Separately, it discusses issues of chronology, origin and cultural background of the main types of weapons. In conclusion, set forth a hypothesis on the participation of the peoples of the Northern Black Sea coast in the invasion of "Sea Peoples" in the Eastern Mediterranean in 1250 1150 years BC.

Significantly expanded and updated version of this work: Klochko V.I. Weaponry and military arms of the ancient population of Ukraine. K.: Artek, 2006. 337 pp.

E-book version is available at CD.