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Science / Archeology / Baltic-Pontic Studies / Between West and East. People of the Globular Amphora Culture

Baltic-Pontic Studies

Between West and East. People of the Globular Amphora Culture in Eastern Europe: 2950-2350 BC

Marzena Szmyt

Monograph. Poznan, 1999 (BP S, vol. 8) ISBN 83-86094-07-9; ISSN 1231-0344. 208 pages; catalog sources, 69 tables, illustrations.


1. Subject, purpose and objectives of the work

2. History of Research

3. Sources

4. Status of sources

5. The structure of work and formal principles. Acknowledgements

I. Place. Globular Amphora Culture settlements in Eastern Europe

I.1. Classification of sources

I.2. Characteristics of complexes of culture traits Globular Amphora

I.3. Classification systems features Globular Amphora culture

I.4. Spatial differences between the complexes of traits culture Globular Amphora. Eastern Group and its symptoms

I.5. The spatial context of Eastern and Central groups Globular Amphora culture

II. Time. Chronology of settlements of peoples Globular Amphora culture in Eastern Europe

II.1. Relative chronology

II.2. Absolute chronology

II.3. Comparison of settlements dating Eastern European Globular Amphora culture with absolute chronology of the central and western groups

III. Neighbors. Cultural environment of Eastern Europe as the population surrounding Globular Amphora culture

III.1. Endogenous structures

III.2. Exogenous structure

IV. Contacts. Links of Globular Amphora culture with other oschestvami Eastern Europe

IV.1. Signs of contacts

IV.2. Forms of contacts

V. The space and time. Essay on the history of the population Globular Amphora culture in Eastern Europe

V.1. Typical symptoms of social and cultural rights, economic structures of globular amphorae

V.2. Eastern Europe topogenezis

V.3. Public participation in the eastern group of cultural transformations in the Vistula basin

V.4. Conclusions. The role of people Globular Amphora culture in the history of societies in Eastern Europe

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