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Baltic-Pontic Studies

The project "Baltic-Pontic studios" was started in 1992 under a treaty on scientific cooperation between the Institute of Archaeology of NAS of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine) and Institute of prehistory of Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland). The initiators of the project and its main implementers: on the Polish side Prof. Dr. Alexander Kosko, on the Ukrainian side Dr. Viktor I. Klochko. Since 2000, the initiative to continue the project with the Ukrainian side was transferred to Institute pamyatnikoohrannyh Research of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine.

In the project framework a series of printed works Baltic-Pontic Studies published in Poznan. Language English. Chief editor of the series Alexander Kosko. Secretary of the series Marzena Schmitt. Drafting Committee: Mrs. S. Berezans'ka (Kiev), Alexandra Sweater-Bronevska (Poznan), Lucyna Domanska (Lodz), Victor I. Klochko (Kiev). Since 1994 a member of the editorial board came Petro Tolochko (Kiev), 1995 Michael Cherniavsky (Minsk), c 1998 Vitaly V. Otroshchenko (Kiev), 1999 Jan Mahnik (Krakow), 2000 Helen G. Kalechits (Minsk ), from 2001 Marzena Schmitt (Poznan).

Editorial: Baltic-Pontic Studies, Institute of Prehistory UAM, Sw. Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznan, Poland. Tel. (061) 8294799, 8294800, Fax (061) 8294788

By 2003, published 10 volumes in this sesies.

The plans of the editorial board for 2003 and 2004 the release of compilations, continuing themes of radiocarbon dating of monuments between Baltic and Black seas and ancient societies, pastoralists in the region.

  • Volume 1 Monograph. Victor I. Klochko Armament tribes of the Northern Black Sea 16 10 centuries BC.
  • Volume 2 Collection "Nomadism and Pastoralism in the Circle of Baltic-Pontic Early Agrarian Cultures: 5000 1650 BC".
  • Volume 3 Collection: "Cemeteries of the Sofievka type: 2950-2750 BC"
  • Volume 4 Collection: "Eastern Exodus of the Globular Amphora People: 2950-2350 BC"
  • Volume 5 Collection: "Beyond Balkanization".
  • Volume 6 Collection: "The Trzciniec Area of the Early Bronze Age Civilization: 1950-1200 BC".
  • Volume 7 Collection: "The Foundations of Radiocarbon Chronology of Cultures between the Vistula and Dnieper: 3150-1850 BC".
  • Volume 8 Monograph. Marzena Szmyt "Between West and East. People of the Globular Amphora Culture in Eastern Europe: 2950-2350 BC".
  • Volume 9 Collection: "The Western Border Area of the Tripolye Culture".
  • Volume 10 Monograph Victor I. Klochko "Weaponry of Societies of the Northern Pontic Culture Circle: 5000 700 BC".

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