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Science / Archeology / Baltic-Pontic Studies / Nomadism and Pastoralism in the Circle of Baltic-Pontic Early

Baltic-Pontic Studies

Nomadism and Pastoralism in the Circle of Baltic-Pontic Early Agrarian Cultures:
5000 1650 BC

Collection. Poznan 1994 (B-P S, vol. 2) ISBN 83-86094-01-X, ISSN 1231-0344

1. A. Kosko, V.I. Klochko Nomadism and Pastoralism an outline Programme for a Discussion. . 1-4

2. Mihailo Y. Videiko Tripolye Pastoral contacts. Facts and Character of the Interactions: 4800 3200 BC. . 5-28

3. Yuriy Y. Rassamakin The main directions of the Early Pastoral Societies of Northern Pontic Zone: 4500 2450 BC (PreYamnaya Cultures and Yamnaya Culture). . 29-70

4. Slawomir Kadrow From Nomadism to the Sedentary Way of the life. A Case of the Evolution of the Late Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age Communities in South-Eastern Poland: 2900-1650 BC. . 71-85

5. Sergey Z. Pustovalov Economy and Social Organization of Northern Pontic Steppe-Forest-steppe Pastoral Populations: 2750-2000 BC (Catacomb culture). . 86-134

6. Viktor I. Klochko The Metallurgy of the Pastoral Societies in the light of Copper and Bronze processing in the Northern Pontic Steppe-Forest-steppe zone: 4500-2350 BC. . 135-166

7. Viktor I. Klochko The Weaponry of the Pastoral societies in the context of the Weaponry of the Steppe-Forest-steppe Communities: 5000-2350 BC. . 167-195

8. Victor I. Klochko, Sergey Z. Pustovalov The Warfare of the Northern Pontic Steppe Forest-steppe Pastoral Societies: 2750-2000 BC (Catacomb culture). . 196-215

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