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Science / Archeology / Baltic-Pontic Studies / The Western Border Area of the Tripolye Culture

Baltic-Pontic Studies

The Western Border Area of the Tripolye Culture

Collection. Poznan, 2000 (B-P S, vol. 9) ISBN 83-86094-08-7; ISSN 1231-0344

1. Mihailo Y. Videiko Studying western context of the Tripolye culture. History and Perspectives. . 7-12.

2. Mihailo Y. Videiko Tripolye and the Cultures of Central Europe. Facts and the Character of Interactions: 4200-2750 BC. . 13-68.

3. Taras Tkachuk The Koshylivtsy Group as a synthesis of the Tripolye and Polgar Traditions. . 69-85.

4. Vladimir A. Kruts, Sergey M. Ryzhov Tripolye Culture in Volhynia (Gorodsk-Volhynian Group). . 86-110.

5. Olena V. Tsvek The Eastern Tripolye Culture and its contacts with the Eneolithic Tribes of Europe. . 111-132.

6. Tamara G. Movsha The Tripolye-Cucuteni and Lengyel-Polgar Cultures. . 133-167.

7. Viktor I. Klochko, Vyachesiav I. Manichev, Viktor N. Kvasnitsa, Sergey A. Kozak, Larisa V. Demchenko, Mikhail P. Sokhatskiy Issues Concerning Tripolye Metallurgy and the Virgin Copper of Volhynia. . 168-186.

8. Slawomir Kadrow, Anna Zakoscielna An outline of the Evolution of Danubian Cultures in Malopolska and Ukraine. . 187-255.

9. Janusz Budziszewski Flint Working of the South-Eastern Group of the Fummel Beaker culture: Exemplary Reception of Chalcolithic Socio-Economic Patterns of the Pontic Zone. . 256-281.

10. Aleksander Kosko, Jerzy J. Langer, Marzena Szmyt Painted Pottery as a symptom of tripolye influence in the Circle of Neolithic Vistila Cultures. . 282-288.

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