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Science / Archeology / Baltic-Pontic Studies / The Trzciniec Area of the Early Bronze Age Civilization:

Baltic-Pontic Studies

The Trzciniec Area of the Early Bronze Age Civilization: 1950-1200 BC

Collection. Poznan, 1998 (B-P S, vol. 6) ISBN 83-86094-05-2; ISSN 1231-0344

1. Jacek Górski The Foundations of Trzciniec Culture Taxonomy in Western Malopolska. . 7-18.

2. Przemyslaw Makarowicz Taxonomic Foundations of the Trzciniec Cultural Circle on the Lower Vistula. . 19-31.

3. Halina Taras The Bases for the Taxonomy of the Trzciniec Culture in the Southern Part of the area between the Vistula and Bug rivers. . 32-47.

4. Viktor I. Klochko The issue of the Eastern Border of the Eastern Trzciniec Culture (Loboikivka Metallurgy). . 48-73.

5. Marcin Ignaczak, Przemyslaw Makarowicz The South-Western Borderland of the Trzciniec Cultural Circle. . 74-86.

6. Vasyl Y. Kurylenko, Vitaliy V. Otroshchenko The Sosnytsa Culture of the Desna Area and its links with Eastern Neighbours. . 87-102.

7. Mykola Kryvaltsevich The Problenms of Identification and Origins of Trzciniec in the Prypets Basin. . 103-114.

8. Jacek Górski The question of the decline of Trzciniec Culture in Western Malopolska. Trzciniec Culture vs. Lusatian Culture. . 115-129.

9. Nikolay Kovalyukh, Vadim Skripkin, Victor I. Klochko, Sergyey Lysenko Absolute (radiocarbon) Chronology of the Eastern Trzciniec Culture in the Dnieper Basin (the Malopolovetske burial site). . 130-140.

10. Przemyslaw Makarowicz Absolute Chronology of the Trzcniec Complex in the Vistula Drainage in the light of 14C Datings. . 141-155.

11. Slawomir Kadrow The Central European Dimension of the Decline of the Early Bronze Age Civilization. The Trzciniec Socio-Cultural System at the outset of its career. . 156-164.

12. Janusz Czebreszuk Trzciniec. An Alternative View. . 165-189.

13. Aleksander Kosko, Victor I. Klochko Trzciniec Borderland of Early Bronze Civilizations of Eastern and Western Europe? . 190-202.

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