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Weaponry of Societies of the Northern Pontic Culture Circle: 5000 – 700 BC

Viktor I. Klochko

Monograph. Poznan, 2001 (BP S, vol. 10) ISBN 83-86094-09-5; ISSN 1231-0344.


1. Subject, purpose and objectives of the work

2. History of the Researchs

3. Sources

4. The structure and the formal division of work; Acknowledgements

I. Armament and military in neo-neolythic period (5000-2800 years. BC)

I.1. Prehistory

I.2. Armament of the forest zone population

I.3. Armament of the forest-steppe zone population of right-bank Ukraine

I.4. Funnelbeaker vessels culture

I.5. Armament of steppe populations in neo-neolythic period

I.6. Sketch of military in neo-neolythic period

II. Armament in the late Chalcolithic (2800-2500 years. BC)

II.1. Usatovo group (culture)

II.2. Sofievka group (culture)

II.3. Later Trypillia in the Western Volhynia

II.4. Globular Amphora Culture

II.5. "Pre-pit" culture of the Ukrainian steppes

III. Armament in Early Bronze Age (2500-1900 years. BC)

III.1. Pits cultural-historic area

III.1.1. Pits culture, east variant

III.1.2. Pits culture, wast variant

III.2. Kemi-Oba Culture

III.3. Catacomb cultural-historic area

III.3.1. Armament of Donets culture

III.3.2. Armament of Ingul culture

III.4. Corded Ware culture

III.4.1. Carpathian area, Podolia and Volhynia

III.4.2. Middle Dnieper culture

IV. Military and cultural processes in the Late Chalcolithic – Early Bronze Age (2800-1900 years. BC)

IV.1. Military society of the late Chalcolithic – Early Bronze Age

IV.2. Cultural processes in Ukraine during the Late Chalcolithic – Early Bronze Age

V. Weapons, warfare and cultural processes middle bronze age (1900 – 1600 years. BC)

V.1. Armament of the Middle Bronze Age period

V.1.1. Tshinets-Komarov Group

V.1.2. Multiraised border pottery culture

V.1.3. Pokrovka timber culture

V.2. Soldiery in the Middle Bronze Age

V.3. Cultural processes in Ukraine during the Middle Bronze Age

VI. Armament in Late Bronze Age (1600-900 years. BC)

VI.1. Sabatinovka period (1600-1200 years. BC)

VI.1.1. Sabatinovka and Noah culture (weapons of Sabatinovka Group)

VI.1.2. Late East-Trziniec – Early Belogrudovka Group

VI.1.3. Berezhnovka-Maevka culture (weapons of Loboykovka Group)

VI.2. Belozero period (1200-900 years. BC)

VI.2.1. Armament of 'Western Ukrainian' group

VI.2.2. Armament of "Central Ukrainian" group (Nizhny-Belogrudovka tradition)

VI.2.3. Armament of "East-Ukrainian" group

VII. Armament, military affairs and cultural processes in the Late Bronze Age. (1600-900 years BC)

VII.1. Cultural processes in Ukraine in the Late Bronze Age

VII.2. Military in Late Bronze Age

VIII. Armament and military of the Cimmerian period (900-700 years BC)

VIII.1. Armament in Cimmerian period

VIII.1.1. Armament of the Chernogorovka Group

VIII.1.2. Novocherkassk weapon system

VIII.1.3. Armament of the Dnister Group

VIII.2. Cultural processes in Cimmerian period

VIII.3. Military in Cimmerian period