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Science / History / Kupola (Domes): a historical anthology / Kupola, vol. 5 (2009)

Kupola, vol. 5 (2009)

Churches in Ukraine

Olga Bondarenko Anniversary of Christianity in Kievan Rus

Natalia Budzynska Baroque beauty of Kyiv

Vitali Kovalynsky, Alexei Kurmaz Feast of the monastery

Victoria Golovchenko The interpretor of Arts

Ukrainian Hetmans

Alex Tykhovsky Pyrr's victory of Ivan Vyhovsky

Alexei Kurmaz Mazepa's riddle

Medal art and numismatics

Valentine Dubytskaya Reform of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and its impact on money circulation in Ukraine

Military art

Korsunska Battle 1648

Book art

Jakov Berdichevski From the "Notepad of book collector"

Sergei Sokolov Kyiv on water

Extracts from "Kievskaya starina"

From the times of sveden invasion in Russia

Story of origin tobacco

Extracts from the magazine "Our Past"

K. Tiander Karl XII in Ukraine

Extracts from the magazine "Architecture of Soviet Ukraine "

Architect. A. Smyk Baturin Palace

Genealogy and heraldry

Eugene Chernetsky Janina coat of arms

In museums of Ukraine

Nina Kovtanyuk Ukraine – Sweden: At Crossroads of History

Irina Beketova Universe of Ludmila Meshkova

Alla Revenko Elijah Tolkachov

Vitaly Kovalynskyy Triumph of the White Royal

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