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Science / History / Kupola (Domes): a historical anthology / Kupola, vol. 2 (2005)

Kupola, vol. 2 (2005)

Churches in Ukraine

Irina Beketova St.Sophia Cathedral

Natalia Budzinskaya Church of the Nativity

Victoria Velichko Cathedral of St. Vladimir in Chersones

Architecture of the city

Tatiana Starostenko Ukrainian Baroque architecture in Kiev

Dmytro Malakov Symbolics of Kyiv facades

Medal art and numismatics

Historical Series. Medals of the Igor's reign

Ukrainian Hetmans

Janina Puchkova Yurii Khmelnytsky

Elena Mikhailova Ivan Bryukhovetskiy

Alex Kurmaz Peter Doroshenko

Natalia Budzinskaya Demian Mnogohrishnyj

Natalia Chalenko Daniel Apostol

Book art

Vladislav Dyatlov The most popular book of Ancient Rus' "Kyiv-Pechersk Paterik" – in the new edition

Svetlana Artamonova, Vitaly Kovalinski The anniversary of Nicholas Zakrevsky


Dmitry Kharitonov 100 karbovanets of 1917 – the first Ukrainian banknote

Military art

Alex Tihovsky Crimean War of 1854-1856 years.

Vadim Bolshakov "Nagan" – finding of collector

Sergei Sokolov Collecting the mass-dimensional models of revolver "Nagan"

Extracts from "Kievskaya starina"

V. Vasilenko The Monday celebration in Little Russia

A. Merder Trifles from the archives of the Southwestern Region

In museums of Ukraine

Museum of the history of Kyiv city will be!

Natalia Rebrova Hetman's capital

Elena Pogonets Anniversary year of the Books Temple

Ludmila Sergeant Ukrainian dukachi

Antique Center

This happens only on St. Andrew


Medals of Russia

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