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Science / History / Kupola (Domes): a historical anthology / Kupola, vol. 3 (2006)

Kupola, vol. 3 (2006)

Serge Sokolov Word of the chief editor

Ukrainian Hetmans

Victoria Velichko Michael Khanenko

Tatiana Barahaeva Ivan Samoylovych

Victoria Golovchenko Ivan Mazepa

Janina Puchkova Pylyp Orlyk

Natalia Chalenko Paul Polubotok

Churches in Ukraine

Volodymyr Tihenko Vvedenska community

Medal art and numismatics

Valentine Dubicka Kyiv Rus' money

Natalia Budzinskaya Prince Igor

Military art

Alex Tihovsky Northern War

Gunner from time of Ivan Mazepa

Book Arts

Svetlana Grynych "Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire" – an important source of national history

Lyubov Ananasova Expendition to the source of the faith

Svetlana Artamonova Regional historian Lawrence Pohilevich

Alexander Pataleev Old Kiev (Memories of Old Sinner)

Extracts from "Kievskaya starina"

Prof. N. Sumtsov Distinctive properties of Ukrainians

Trifles from the archives of the Southwestern Region

Iv. Egorov From the public's memory

In museums of Ukraine

Elena Starchenko Treasures of Scythian burial mounds

Tatyana Polyakova Palace in Korsun for Ros

Alla Zverhovska The Ukrainian portrait painter in National art museum


Colors and melodies of ukrainian holidays

Ірина Beketova 100-year anniversary ceramics art master

Spiritual heritage of Huzulschyna and Pokuttya

Sergei Sokolov "Kyiv miniatures" – the banks of Kiev

Books offer of "Kupola" publishers

Galina Efimenko First reprint edition of A.V.Viskovatov

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