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V. I. Melnikov

1. More general scientific methods research methods, in particular, method of closed system, should be used for the research of religion as a whole.

2. Use of the common general sciences methods through analogies with the known well-researched objects and processes allows to reveal deep mechanisms of religious consciousness dynamics mechanism and to extrapolate future of religion with a particular degree of probability.

3. The main sources of religion pertain to epistemological rather than ontological spheres.

4. State of religion is determined by a continuous simultaneous action of a series of various scheduling variables that can be considered to represent the environment of religions existence.

5. Cyclicity of religious processes is determined by the interaction of inertial religious subconscious and new religious ideas constructive potential, similar to the development of other public consciousness forms.

6. Structural and functional interconnection of religion and consciousness as well as a particular usefulness of religion determine their viability and longevity.

7. Religious processes are a particular case of a general process of interaction of the object and the environment and are subject to the corresponding laws.

8. Revealed mechanisms of religious processes functioning in their further research process can create the necessary prerequisites for development of special technologies relating to the control of these processes for the sake of societys interests.