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2.9.7. Religions development perspective

V. I. Melnikov

Analyzing the change dynamics of the most significant unidirectional religions factors, in particular globalization, informatization, integration, life conditions unification, it is possible to suggest that a real, not a regional, monotheism will correspond to such unifying processes of world order, i.e. there is one common God for all believers of the Earth.

Taking into account contradictions between religious systems doctrines, thriving science and intensive increase in rational knowledge, it is possible to forecast gradual increase of a scientific world outlook share in relation to that of a religious world outlook. The tempo of this process will depend upon inertia of subconscious religious programs and mankinds policy relating to religion.

Some intermediate states like development of pluralism, improvement in tolerance between different confessions as well as their gradual and long-term harmonization of their positions can be forecasted as particular stages and elements of the above-mentioned religions development stages; this process will inevitably cause closer relations between nations and will establish religious peace.

Besides, origination of world religions modifications can be considered to be smearing of the world religions traditional system.

Having extrapolated religious processes development dynamics during the previous millenniums one can expect that the duration of an expected cycles will also exceed one millennium, provided that mankind will not consider it necessary to accelerate this process in some way.