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V. I. Melnikov

1. Represented conception, thanks to commonness of used notions and its dependnesses, is equitable in any sphere of the knowledge and can be used as the methodological base in solving of different problems as well as in any field of science.

2. As used theory notions consider all influencing the object factors, theory is an ideal mean of description.

3. The universality of the structure and established functional relations of CS is original matrix of representing of bench marks and algorithm of problems solving.

4. Specific features of observed objects of every science cause the necessity of adaptation of conditions to the statements of certain problem (see part 3 “Physical applications”).

5. A distinct correlation of the content of the main TCS conceptions with the content of the existing general conception of particular sciences as well as with a content of prevalent common conceptions’ series existing in different languages of the world is indicative of its rationality, determination, expediency and a promising character.

6. TCS allows to set relationships describing general laws of behavior of any objects and systems.