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Journey to the Crimea in 1786

Romm G.

Bibliographic description of books: Gilbert Romm Journey to the Crimea in 1786 – Leningrad: Leningrad State University Publishing, 1941 – 79 p.

Translated from the manuscript, introduction and notes by K.I. Ratkevich.

Computer text prepared by N.I.Zharkikh the 2005. Page numbers of the book featured at the end of each page of the original in square brackets. To the text I added some comments (in gray in brackets). Also, I broke the text into small sections (these markings were not in the manuscript and the publication in 1941) and added a map of Ukraine and Crimea.


K.I. Ratkevich Gilbert Romm's journey in Crimea in 1786

Way from Kiev to Gelmjazov

Kovrai. Conversation with S.V. Tomara

Way from Kovraj to Kremenchug

Kremenchuk. A conversation with D.S. Samoilovich

Way from Kremenchug to Ponomarev

Memoirs of Zaporozets

Way from Ponomarev to Kherson

Kherson. Conversations with Korsakov, E. Bulgaris

Way from Kherson to Perekop


Way from Perekop to Karasubazar

Karasubazar. Prayer dervishes. Interview with Mufti

Way from Karasubazar to Sudak



Way from Feodosia to Kerch

Kerch. Yenikale

Way from Yenikale to Akmechet


Way from Akmechet by the southern bank of Krim



Way from Bakhchisarai to Kremenchug

N.I.Zharkikh Maps of Ukraine and Crimea