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Марко Вішніцер, нота Міністру закордонних справ Великої Британії, Лондон, 30 квітня 1920

Переклад Богдана Гирича

London, 30thApril,1920

The events of the few days on the territory of the Ukraine impel the Ukrainian Diplomatic Mission in the United Kingdom to ask that an interview be granted by the proper authorities of H[er] M[ajesty] Government to the Secretary of this Mission, temporarily acting as head of it. This interview would appear necessary in order that he may explain the reasons why the exhausted Ukraine, until now unsupported by any neighbor or Power, has joined the Polish Army to free the Ukrainian territory from the foreign invader, namely, the Great Russian Bolsheviks.

It is necessary to place before H[er] M[ajesty] Foreign Office the policy of the Ukrainian Government in this connection in order that they may be in a position to meet the questions which will doubtless be asked in Parliament during the forthcoming week.

The Ukrainian Diplomatic Mission would add that is has just been informed by telegram that Poland has recognised the Ukrainian, and that [Józef] Piłsudski and [Symon] Petliura have issued identical manifestos to the Ukrainian people concerning the expulsion of the Russian Bolsheviks from the Ukraine.

[Mark] Vishnitzer

For the Chef of the Mission

Переклад Богдана Гирича


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